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In the debut episode, we look at the birth of New Wave, featuring Roxy Music and Devo.  We postulate that "Love Is The Drug" is the first ever New Wave song.

In the episode "The King", myself and fabulous co-host Jan Hall discuss the brilliance of Elvis Costello.  Please visit Jan's website at 

The doyenne of the Toronto music scene, Angela R. Campbell, joins me to discuss the greatest Britsh singer of the modern era, Kate Bush! 


We shine the spotlight on the The Beatles of the New Wave movement; XTC! Plus a smidge of Shriekback!

We go back across the pond to Gotham to identify a forgotten piece of New Wave....the empowerment of women with Blondie and Talking Heads.

Superstar comedian Erinn White joins in to discuss goth teen gangs in Northern Ontario and Gary Numan! (sadly, umlaut not included).  You can follow Erinn on Twitter @erinnwhite

Podcasting and Cheffing Guru Candice Lepage co-hosts and discusses single-digit age marital desires and syncopation! And The Police!  You can visit Candice at and download her podcast "100% Candice"

We examine the birth of ska and Two-Tone with The Specials, The Selecter, The (English) Beat and Madness.  Plus party music tips!

Difford & Tilbrook bring wordplay and whimsy to the New Wave with Squeeze.

Vince Clarke fathered four bands. Two of them ended up being really good.  We celebrate Depeche Mode and Yaz(oo)!

Susan Ballion went from observing the birth of punk to the ultimate goth high priestess.  Plus, apparently she met a women who turned into a turtle that was purple.


Perhaps their work can't fill an hour, but they were integral to the New Wave.  Adam & The Ants, The Boomtown Rats, Thomas Dolby and the incomparable Ian Dury & The Blockheads get recognized for their influence.  Plus, just for fun, Captain Sensible!

The Kinks and The Who had a baby......called The Jam.

We risk a cultural boo-boo by using "Down Under" in the title when we discuss a band from New Zealand.  However, we make up for it by spending an hour with Split Enz! (and a little Crowded House)

Vocalist Extraordinaire & Fellow Baseball Nerd Glacio de Fluvial joins me to discuss bizarre dance moves and Six Degrees of Separation with Daryl Hall.  Plus, Midnight Oil and INXS!  You can hear Glacio's radio show "Tastes Like More" evry Tuesday at 9 AM EDT at

We examine the role of female empowerment in the City of Angels' new wave scene with Missing Persons and Berlin.

Superstar podcaster and all-around good egg, Candice Lepage, joins me again to discuss The Go-Go's and The Bangles. Bonus: Star Trek banter!  Follow Candice's adventures at and on Twitter @cinn48

The first of two episodes about the New Romantic movement within New Wave.  DJ/Rapper Skweeezy C joins me to discuss Sade!  You can follow Skweeezy @skweeezyC on Twitter!

We examine the others who brought bass lines, Bryan Ferry impressions and gorgeous lyrics to the New Romantic movement.  All hail Paul Young, ABC and The Psychedelic Furs!

The episode we didn't want to do, but knew we had to do.  Join us for a snarky ride with an hour of Duran Duran!

Comedian/Producer Extraordinaire Erinn White returns to discuss lipstick application tricks AND The Cure! You can follow Erinn's adventures on Twitter @erinnwhite

Celebrate the kitsch and the kooky with an hour long journey to Athens, GA with The B-52's!

Boston finally gives us a great band!  Enjoy the brilliance of The Cars as we take a 5 album journey through their career of defining New Wave!

We celebrate some of the forgotten bands of American New Wave.  Romeo Void, The Tubes & Wall Of Voodoo!  Plus, we reflect on The Knack and delight in the cheesiest riff ever recorded!

"Canned Con Podcast" hosts Candice Lepage and Anthony Marco join me to discuss the history of the Canadian New Wave scene. Check out their podcast at

The emergence of Annie Lennox and David A. Stewart to the New Wave scene!  We discuss all things Eurythmics!

The great Erinn White returns to discuss all things mopey as we spend 75 minutes with The Smiths.  Follow Erinn on Twitter @erinnwhite

Renowned Frommage experts Jasen Buch and Jason Reese join me to discuss the best, the worst and the cheesiest of all New Wave One Hit Wonders! You can follow Jasen & Jason's cheesiest journeys on

The always fantastic Jan Hall returns to talk about The Human League, Heaven 17 and OMD! You can follow Jan at

We finally admit that prog rock made it's way into New Wave, but we pick the best examples! Spend 70 minutes with The Fixx and Japan!

You may think they're annoying now, but they began as a post punk/new wave breath of fresh air! Join us as we take a trip down memory lane with the early work of U2!

We spend 70 minutes with the greatness of Chrissie Hynde and The Pretenders

New Wave redeems Robert Plant, Mike Oldfield (kinda) and the genre's greatest success story - Peter Gabriel

Join in the journey from post-punk to dance music, as we spend and hour with Joy Division and New Order

Join us for some Frankie, some Noise, some Propaganda and all things Trevor Horn as we look at ZTT Records and the career of the lead Buggle!

Podcasting High Priest Anthony Marco joins me to review the careers of Bauhaus, Tones On Tail and Love & Rockets!  You can find Anthony's work at

The great John Lydon and Public Image Ltd. get the the greatest Sex Pistols song ever!

The most popular Scottish band in New Wave History! We take a journey to the waterfront with Simple Minds!

Some people we missed along the way....Joe Jackson, The Slits, Midge Ure and the conundrum that is Culture Club.

The series comes to it's completion as we advise you on the best music to play on the first day of your summer road trip.  And the virtues of gas station coffee!

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